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Ribbed Pillar Blue

Ribbed Pillar Blue

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Can't stop at one? Get yourself a perfect set. Mix and match you own favourite sizes.

All our candles are made from unscented plant-based wax. It is vegan friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. Formulated from materials whose refining history is fully traceable. 

Hand poured in Kyneton, Victoria in small batches to minimise waste. All excess wax is transformed into new candles. 

Lead free cotton wick

Ribbed Pillar Mini Size: Approx 7.5cm tall x 5cm wide

Ribbed Pillar Midi Size: Approx 10cm tall x 5cm wide

Ribbed Pillar Maxi Size: Approx 15cm tall x 5cm wide

Wiggle Pillar Size: Approx 10cm tall x 5cm wide

As this is a hand made item, each candle may differ slightly in shape and colour due to hand blended and

poured process. There may be minor imperfections which we believe gives each candle its own unique character.

Please note the colour samples pictured are colour samples only - the candle shape and size will be as pictured in the first product image.

These pillar candles will leak when melted, please ensure you use a candle holder or plate underneath your candle on a flat stable surface to protect the surface of your table. Always trim your wick between burns.